Overview about Phablet:

Phablet is a Mobile Device which contains the functions of a Smartphone and Tablet. It is larger than a Smartphone and smaller than Tablet.  It is with 5 inches to 7 inches screen size. They are smaller in size than Tablets as they can carry easily in pockets and bags like Smart phones.

It contains all the features supported by Smartphone along with the features supported by Tablet like Touch screen, Operating system, Browser, Multimedia, Voice Calling, 3G, 4G and many Apps etc. In some Phablets there exists a touch pen which is used to write something and draw pictures or sketching. Mobile Companies like Samsung, HTC, LG and Huawei etc runs their Phablets based on Operating systems like Android and Windows etc.

For example Microsoft Lumia 535, Samsung GalaxyNote 4 etc.

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