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Airtel Charges Up to Rs.10,000 for VoIP Services

Bharti Airtel Limited is one of the leading Mobile Network Operators in India declares that it will charge for Mobile Internet Calls(VoIP) made over 2G or 3G Network.

It will charge for Data browsing and Internet calls (VoIP) separately. Data Packs and Free Packs are not available for Internet Calling but they are available only for Internet Browsing. Skype, Line, Whats App(going to launch VoIP Services), Viber and Hangouts etc provides VoIP services for free. This is the first Company to charge for VoIP Services.

Although there is no official announcement but the changes in its terms and policies appears in company's website. Its Terms and Policies says that " All Data Packs / Free Internet Packs are applicable only for Internet/Wed Browsing Only but not for VoIP Incoming and Outgoing Calls. It says that it charges 4 Ps for 10 KB in 3G Network Service and 10 Ps for 10 KB in 2G Network Service. That means for VoIP it charges Rs.4000 for 1GB in 3G Network Service and Rs.10,000 for 1GB in 2G Network Service.

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