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ICICI Bank offers funds transfer, mobile recharges and to check bank balance via Twitter to its Account Holders

On Monday, ICICI Bank launched funds transfer services for its account holders through Twitter. Along with funds transfer service, it also provides prepaid mobile recharges and to check their bank balances.

Users will have to follow Bank's Twitter account and then register for this facility. Users must send direct message as “#reg” to register for this service. Then users will receive a OTP for registered mobile number and again it must be forwarded Bank’s Twitter Account as “#regOTP”.

In case of fund transfer, sender must send direct message in Twitter as “pay@xxxx”. After this sender will receive a four digit redemption code, which have to be shared with the beneficiary. Code is valid for three days only.

Beneficiary will receive a tweet from bank with a link. By clicking on that link, beneficiary will be directed to ICICI‘s website. Here beneficiary wants to verify the Name, Account Number, Branch IFSC Code where money is to be credited and four digit code sent by the sender.

Transaction must be done with Rs. 5,000 and maximum of Rs. 10,000 per day. Sender must want to pay RTGS or NEFT charges for transactions but no need to pay any fee to Bank for using this service.

In case of prepaid mobile recharges, User must send a direct message to Bank’s Twitter account with “#TopUp<10 digit mobile no.>”. Users can know their account balance by sending direct message as “#ibal”, “#help” for information and “#itran” for last three transaction details.
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