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Microsoft launched Windows 10 Technical Preview for Desktops

As said by Windows in the event on Wednesday, without delay Microsoft launched its Technical Preview for its upcoming Windows 10 OS. Windows 10 January Technical Preview with bug fixes, Continuum and Cortana etc.

Major New features available in Windows 10 January Technical Preview are

Continuum: This technology allows users to switch easily between Tablet and PC/Laptop mode. When you are using Tablet mode without keyboard it switches Start Menu.

Cortana: It offers the use of Personal Digital Assistant Technology for voice or keyboard input to set remainders, search information available in PC/Laptop and Tablet or search information on web.

Other features like Xbox App, New Universal Apps, New Photos and Map apps previews, windows store, wireless and video connectivity improvements included in Windows 10 January Technical Preview. And also offers New Icons, New Design, New Smart Snap Mode, Charm bars and instead of Action Center it offers Quick Action Keys and improved settings.

Windows 10 January Technical Preview offers 20 more languages support including Hindi and includes Talk view with Alt+Tab Key. Users can download Technical Preview for Windows 7 or 8, who have registered for Windows Insider Programme.

System Requirements are 1 GB RAM for 32 Bit, 2 GB RAM for 64 Bit, DirectX 9 Graphics and 16 GB Storage Space. Before installing this version, users are recommended to back up their PC because of Bugs.

Windows 10 January Technical Preview does not include One Drive based Music Locker (announced in this week), Spartan and Microsoft’s New Browser.

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