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MS Office 2016 is expected to be available in MS Windows 10

The next version of Microsoft Office should rather goes out in the second half of this year. Microsoft Office 16, the office suite from Microsoft, is scheduled for the H2 of 2015, client and server versions. While earlier reports had suggested that they would arrive in the first half of 2015, estimated that it would be released in April.

After holding a most important conference on Wednesday about Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft announced that the availability of Office 2016 will be in 2015. The latest version of the office suite goes back to 2013 on PC and Mac in 2011. Microsoft office for Windows 10 in Tablets and Mobiles contains Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and OneNote.

Office Word 2016 Windows 10

Microsoft announced that Office is under development. Further details will be shared in the coming months. The General Manager, Julia White said that “the company will launch the next office version at the end of 2015”.

Touch optimized app, office suite will be installed/updated free by default on Smartphones and Tablets and it is also available in Windows store for other devices. The Office 365 subscription will certainly be necessary to benefit from the full functionality. A beta version of Windows 10 was released shortly. This new version will be optimized for touch. But Microsoft didn’t say about Office suite for Desktop.

According to previous reports, Microsoft has already released a Technical Preview release to its partners. Office will also be offered in a separate version for Windows 10, optimized for touch screens. In fact, this variation will provide a suitable interface, which will be delivered in the wake of future operating system.

Microsoft Word for Windows 10

The touch-optimized word app allows you to create, edit, and review the documents. It provides additional features in Reading mode like web references, images and definitions which improves your reading experience.

Microsoft Excel for Windows 10

The touch optimized Excel app allows you to create, update, edit, analyze and visualize the data in to chars or diagrams.

Microsoft Outlook for Windows 10

The touch optimized Outlook app allows you to insert tables, pictures, and coloring features in your mails along with the facilities like reading, composing, sorting and archive your mail.

Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows 10

This is very useful app for presentations and provides you the good quality of work with many presentation features. It helps you to create and edit presentations along with slides editing features with motions, animation and fonts.

Microsoft OneNote for Windows 10

This app helps you to mingle with your friends, colleagues and classmates. It helps to share your ideas, thoughts and to-do’s etc.

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