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MMPL Tata’s Subsidiary launches PaySmart Payment Card

On Wednesday, MMPL (My Mobile payments Ltd) one of the subsidiaries of Tata Group announced to launch PaySmart Prepaid Payment Card Service (Powered by VISA) in Bengaluru (Previously called Bangalore) with the cooperation of Karnataka’s regional bank called Ratnakar Bank Ltd (RBL).

With the permission of RBI, MMPL offers this prepaid payment card services across India to meet the needs of its customers. By this PaySmart Prepaid Card, Tata Docomo Subscribers in India uses this service by mRupee. This new service offers its customers to draw money from VISA Licensed ATM’s, payment for the goods and services at all merchants who accept VISA Debit/Credit cards across India. This card provides easy, secure and private payment mode to its customers.

mRupee provides these services to its customers without having a bank account. Customers can make transactions and withdraw money without bank account. PaySmart Prepaid Card’s minimum money value is Rs. 200 and maximum of Rs. 1,00,000.

MMPL operating officer said, “By keeping financial inclusions in mind, we have created this product for all consumers to make cashless transactions.”

Vice President of Ratnakar Bank Ritesh Pai said, “More than the Technology, Digital Innovations will convert our way of life. We are confident that prepaid card service will leads to cashless society soon.”

Ratnakar Bank Limited is the 72 years old bank with 180 branches and 350 ATM’s across 13 states and union territories. With this benefit Tata Teleservices made agreement with RBL.

How to get PaySmart Prepaid Payment Card?

To get a PaySmart Card, customers needs to visit an mRupee outlet and asks for the Pay Smart Card. But MMPL offers customers registration and card insurance process.

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