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SnoopSnitch App can detects if someone spying on you

SnoopSnitch is an Android Application that detects International Mobile Subscriber Identity ( IMSI ) catchers by keeping a tab if some one spying on you. Hackers can access your personal data/ information by using IMSI catchers. IMSI catchers are like listening devices which are used to obstruct mobile traffic and tracking the movements of smartphone users.

SnoopSnitch detects the IMSI catchers and warns the smartphone user, if their personal data/information is going out. It scans for the signals which are giving up their personal data/information and warns the smartphone users.

This App works only on Smartphones which runs based on Qualcomm Chipset.

Some of the Smartphones that are successfully tested with this App are Samsung S3 Neo, Samsung S5, Samsung S4, Sony Xperia Z2 etc.
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