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TomTom launched four mid range smartwatches in India starting at Rs. 12,999

TomTom has launched its four latest smart watches for Athletes with GPS in India starting at Rs. 12,999 and are available in Flipkart.

The four smart watches TomTom Runner, Runner Cardio, Multi Sport and Multi Sport Cardio are priced at Rs. 12,999, Rs. 20,999, Rs. 15,499 and Rs. 23,499 respectively.

These are GPS based smart watches, Waterproof, Distance, Speed, Place, Heart Rate, elevation and calories burnt to runners, swimmers and cyclists. The unit measuring the heart rate is an optical sensor; it controls the blood flow through the skin with a light beam.

It is not just to analyze the number of steps, distance and calories burned. It gives visibility to the bearer on the intensity of his workouts with the integrated heart rate monitor. The user will be able to adjust its efforts according to its needs, goals and abilities. The watch can inform the user in real time if it is to speed up, slow or pause.

"These are compatible with the devices running on iOS 6.0 v or later and Android 4.3 v or later"

These are equipped with a complete positioning system GPS and GLONASS for combining sports performance to a mapping done to save the route. There exists a button which controls the navigation pane up, down, right and left. These are coupled with USB, Bluetooth 4.0 v, Scratch resistant display and indoor tracker along with TomTom my sport app.

TomTom Runner and Multi Sport offers 10 Hrs battery life while Multi Sport Cardio and Runner Cardio offers only 8 Hrs battery life in GPS mode and Heart rate mode.

These are available in different color variants like
  • TomTom Runner is available in Black and Pink color variants.
  • TomTom Multi Sport is available in Black and Grey color variants.
  • TomTom Multi Sport cardio is available in Black and Red color variants.
  • TomTom Runner Cardio is available in Black, Green and Red color variants.

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