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Top 5 Features in upcoming Windows 10 version

Windows 10 is the latest operating system developed by Microsoft which is successor to Windows 8.1. Next version to windows 8 is not named as Windows 9 but it is named as Windows 10. Microsoft will launch Windows 10 mobile version preview in February 2015. But Windows released Windows 10 Public Beta version as Windows Technical Preview on October 1, 2015.

In September 2014 it announced to launch its successor to Windows 8.1 and announced that Windows 10 will be available in 2015.

Windows 10 comes with improved Windows 8 features like Better user experience, Start Menu, ability to run Windows App Store and planning to couple it with windows embedded products.

Improved Start Menu

Start menu is default (came back) one if you use Windows 10 with a Keyboard and a Mouse. Start menu can also be resized as full screen if you prefer and you can pin Live Tiles with different sizes.

Advanced Search Tool in Start Menu

Start Menu contains a search box like as in Windows 8 version but including Internet search by using Bing search engine directly.

Virtual desktop usage made easier using Keyboard shortcuts

In previous versions of Microsoft Windows, it provides multiple desktops which we can shift to previous works. In MS Vista Win+Tab is used to recall/shift the work but in next versions Alt+Tab is used.

But now, Win+Tab allow you to create a screen interface to switch between the multiple desktops. Along with this Ctrl+Win+Right or Ctrl+Win+Left helps you to move between desktops.

Advancement in Notifications Bar

Generally Notifications are visible in the bottom right corner of desktop screen. But in Windows 10 you can keep them in a well-known/correct placement. Notifications will be shown in a large rectangular pop up in upper right side corner of the desktop screen.

Advanced Screen Splitting

Windows 10 provides the splitting of work/task as four corners of the screen. Depending on the device resolution it may be restricted to only two splitting (Side by Side splitting).

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