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WhatsApp is now available on desktop via Google Chrome Browser

WhatsApp, the world’s popular Instant Messaging service on mobile, now can be used on Desktops and works through browser. The new service of WhatsApp called as WhatsApp web version. Users can use this messaging service through web if you are using Google’s Chrome browser.

iPhone users are not able to use this App for web version due to restrictions imposed by iOS platform. Only the users of Android, Windows Phone, Nokia and BlackBerry can use it but needs the latest WhatsApp version on their Smartphone. Users of PC and Mac can run this on their desktop via Google Chrome Browser.

To use this web version, firstly you have to install Google Chrome Browser in your PC or Mac if you don’t have it. Open in Google Chrome and then scan the QR code displayed via WhatsApp application on your Smartphone.

Update the application to the latest version in your Smartphone, then you will see an option in the menu as “WhatsApp Web”. By clicking on it, application will allows you to scan the QR code available on your desktop screen. Then it will automatically connect your phone and desktop by using Web/Internet. You can enable desktop notifications via Google Chrome.

After the connection made between the two devices your previous messages, chat threads and groups will be synced with the WhatsApp web client.

Now, WhatsApp has over 700 million monthly active users and by this latest WhatsApp Web Version the users of WhatsApp will increase rapidly.
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