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WhatsApp New Features along with Video Calling Facility

WhatsApp Messenger is a popular instant messaging application for smart phones. It was started in 2009 by Brain Acton and Jan Koum. It was taken over by Facebook for $19 Billion on February 19, 2014.

It provides text messaging facility together with an option of sending images, videos, audio and location sharing by using maps. It uses 2G or 3G or Wi-Fi networks to send/receive messages, pictures, videos and audio.

It provides the latest features like Blue ticks, Security, Group Chat Updates, Video Calling (in 4.0.0v) and other new features.

Blue Ticks

WhatsApp provides new feature that helps you to know whether your messages are read. If your messages are read by receiver then it will display blue ticks. When you send a message you will see one tick which confirms you that your message was sent. It will show two ticks which mean your message was sent and shows two ticks which indicates you that your message was read by the receiver.


WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption which makes impossible to any other to read the user’s messages. It is integrated with Textsecure and an open source code to add encryption for messages.

Group Chat Updates

Group Chat allows you to chat with Up to 100 Members at once. It helps to create groups easily and to keep in touch with Family members, Friends and Colleagues.
  • One can create any number of groups
  • Every member in group can be as Admin and only Group Admins can add the participants.
  • You can control your own participation in Group by leaving group, staying in group.
  • If you removed a contact or block a contact but you still receive the messages from him in group. Similarly they will receive your messages in that Group.

Video Calling (in 4.0.0 Version)

WhatsApp’s new version update provides you free calling facility with your friends. It provides video calling facility in WhatsApp 4.0.0 version. With this latest version you can call to your friends without any charge. With this latest version WhatsApp user are increasing rapidly and it became compulsory for smart phone users. It can be downloaded from Android market.

Recent news from WhatsApp that it will charge for the application next to this update.

Other Features

WhatsApp provides many features like Archive Chats and Groups, Caption for Videos and Photos, Share Location ans slow motion videos . 

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