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WhatSim allows unlimited usage of WhatsApp around the World

Zeromobile, an Italian company announced to launch WhatSim which helps the users to use WhatsApp even on roaming without the need of data pack or Wi-Fi around the world. WhatsApp an international instant messaging service provider with around 700 million monthly active users. It is created by Manuel Zanella, the founder and CEO of Italian based company called Zeromobile.

It is available in 150 countries with the co-operation of than more 400 telecom operators across the world.

WhatSim allows you to connect a network provider easily when you are travelling. If incase of no signal it automatically finds the better signal provider operator and connects itself to it without noticing. This procedure helps you to keep in touch with your friends, relatives and dear one without any interruption along with roaming facility, without incurring any additional charges.

It costs 10 Euros (Approx. Rs. 714) and provides unlimited text messaging worldwide for a year. It do not have expiry period, Monthly payments and fixed costs. It helps to exchange Images, Videos, Contacts, Voice messages and Location sharing. Text messages, Location sharing and contact sharing are free but Images, Videos and Voice messages need credits to share. You need to buy credits to use multimedia messaging service.

You can get 1000 credits for 5 Euros (Approx. Rs. 350) which allows you to share 50 Images or 10 Videos. It depends on zones and the country under that zone. It offers Four Zones and all the countries are divided under these Four Zones. The information about all countries along with zones was specified clearly in WhatSim website.

India comes under Zone 3 and users from India can share an Image for 150 Credits, a Video for 600 Credits and a Voice message for 30 Credits. Users must recharge with credits to share the information. 5 Euros is the minimum recharge and up to a maximum 50 Euros.

Users can purchase it from WhatSim website.

In this week WhatsApp launched web version using under Google Chrome Browser.

Only the users of Android, Windows Phone, Nokia and BlackBerry are able to use the WhatsApp Web version on their Smartphone. PC and Mac users can use this version via Google Chrome Browser.

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