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5G Test Network started in Finland by VTT and University of Oulu

VTT in a statement said “VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland with the coordination of The University of Oulu started building a 5G Test Network in Oulu, a city in Finland. In this test network, significant technologies can be developed and the performance of the fresh technologies will be checked out in a practical situation.”

VTT said that “the Test environment will have evolved into a full-fledged 5G network, which will be provided as a living lab for application and service testing by 2020.”
Project manager of VTT, Atso Hekkala quoted that, "In the Test Network, we will develop new technologies and build 5G test environments for the research purposes based on the technologies. It enables long term co-operation among various factors in the wireless communication ecosystem."

The test network consists of two mechanisms:

  • A Restricted network conducted by VTT Technical Research Center
  • A Public network set up by the University of Oulu.

In Restricted network, companies involved in the projects which test the functions of their technologies, but in Public network, network performance under heavy load will be examined.

The 5th Generation Wireless System (Also called as Tactile Internet) denotes the next jump in wireless communication. It offers higher level of multimedia services and cloud based services, at the same time as reducing material and energy conservation.

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