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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum Mop-P Launched in India With Laser Navigation System - Priced at Rs. 17,999

Today in India, Xiaomi launched the Mi Robot Vaccum Mop-P which comes with sweeping and mopping functions. The Mi Robot Vaccum Mop-P is priced in India at Rs. 24,999 but with an introductory offer, it is priced at Rs. 17,999 on the Mi India website
Mi Robot Vaccum Mop-P features and specifications -

The Mi Robot Vaccum Mop-P comes with 350 x 94.50 mm dimensions and 3200 mAh battery with 60 to 130 minutes run time. It is built-in with an LDS laser navigation system, Wi-Fi and twelve sensors. It offers different functions like 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping function, intelligent mapping, route planning, automatic recharge and can control using Mi smart app. The 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping function offers two modes such as sweeping only and sweeping and mopping mode. Intelligent mapping and routing planning offer 8 meters scanning range which navigates, identifies and saves the location of each and every room as a map after its first-time use on the Mi Home app.
Mi smart control app Mi Home allows the user to control the vacuum mop-p for different options like real-time cleaning, spot cleaning, scheduled cleaning, zoned cleaning and many. Its automatic room zoning feature allows us to save, divide, merge and name any room after its first cleaning as it saves the locations on Mi Home app in the form of a map. It is packed with a smart electronically controlled water tank pump which comes with three gears of water dispensing modes that auto-adjusts based on the intensity of cleaning and type of floor.

It is powered by Cortex-A7 quad-core processor with dual-core Mali 400 GPU. It is also outfitted with anti-collision, anti-drop and other ten sensors which can crosses obstacles up to 2 cm height and can sense the surrounding environment. The Mi Robot Vaccum Mop-P is available in the black color variant only.
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