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Overview About Smartphone:

Smartphone is a Mobile Phone which runs based on an Operating System (OS). It's screen size is up to 5 inches but in general Phablet is also treated as Smartphone only  It contains the features like Digital Camera, Music Player, GPS, Touch Screen Capability, Web Browser, Wi-Fi, Apps, Sensors, and 3G etc. Most of the Mobile Companies like Blackberry, Samsung, HTC and Sony etc runs based on Popular Operating Systems like Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS etc.

Smartphone contains OS with powerful CPU with expandable storage space, RAM and connectivity options. With these they allow you to run Apps, Games and Internet etc. In recent years they are equipped with sensors like Gyroscopes (for games), Light Sensors, Barometer and Accelerometers (for screen adjustments) etc.

For example Apple iPhone6, Nokia XL etc.
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