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Twitter allows its users to send Videos and Group messages

Twitter allows its users to send group messages and videos using Twitter App from Tuesday.

This helps Twitter to increase the users and holds active users for long time. It offers the features of social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Twitter offers to chat with multiple people at a time with built-in Messaging app like Facebook group texting/messaging. The private messaging facility allows you to chat with only one but now it allows you to exchange group messages with up to 20 users.

You can start a group chat with any of your followers irrespective of all the users might known to all of the group members. If you add a member Twitter sends a notification to that member of the group.

It announces another feature called video sharing for mobile app. Twitter allows you to capture the videos, edit and share the videos from your phone but length of videos are restricted up to 30 seconds each. But iPhone users will be able to edit and send the video from camera roll. When the videos are posted users will see thumbnails in your timeline and can be played.

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